Client list in alphabetical order

Shira was smart, flexible, straight up and compassionate when she worked on the BOLD gathering in Minneapolis. Watching her manage the safety team so that over 200 queer and trans people of color could gather together without worry about outside threat or inside pain getting in the way of all they wanted to make happen was watching community change unroll just as it should and so rarely can.
— Susan Raffo, PFund
Shira guided our group through a complex and challenging political moment with integrity, skill, compassion, grace and an awesome sense of humor. She is a well-prepared, flexible and resourceful facilitator, a gifted strategist, a thoughtful listener and remarkably skilled at envisioning creative ways forward, building trust across deep differences, and giving feedback that is both honest and kind. It is always an honor and a pleasure to get to learn from working with her.
— Kate Eubank, PFund
If you are doing social justice work as it relates to women and girls and queer folks, you must know Shira Hassan. I have had the great opportunity to be a thought partner and social justice comrade with Shira for the past 10 years. She is not only one of the most strategic thinkers and organizers I know but she is also the “bullshit barometer” for the movement. When Shira says someone has “drank the Kool-Aid” you know it to be true. The thing about Shira though, is that is not the end of the conversation – it is the beginning. She can move people from opposite places in the universe into alignment. She is the person that Paulo Friere had in mind when he wrote that “to speak a true word is to transform the world.” If there is popular education praxis happening, you can bet that Shira is leading it with her kindness, her wisdom and her super cute shoes.
— P. Catlin Fullwood, On Time Associates