Fumbling Towards Repair: A Workbook for Community Accountability Practicioners

Artwork by Molly Costello & Design by Rachel Hoffman  Photo Credit Lisa Ganser

Artwork by Molly Costello & Design by Rachel Hoffman

Photo Credit Lisa Ganser

Fumbling towards repair~ A workbook for community accountability facilitators

Fumbling Towards Repair is a workbook by Mariame Kaba and Shira Hassan that includes reflection questions, skill assessments, facilitation tips, helpful definitions, activities, and hard-learned lessons intended to support people who have taken on the coordination and facilitation of formal community accountability (CA) processes to address interpersonal harm & violence.IMPORTANT NOTE: This workbook is NOT an introduction to community accountability.

You will NOT learn how to facilitate processes by reading this workbook. We STRONGLY suggest that only people who have or are currently facilitating CA processes addressing interpersonal harm purchase this workbook.If you have NO EXPERIENCE AT ALL with formal CA processes, we urge you to get some friends together for a study group using a FREE and terrific resource developed by Creative Interventions (CI). The CI toolkit offers a step by step guide for facilitating CA processes for interpersonal harms.Finally, this is a workbook for FACILITATORS. That means that it’s not intended to be mainly read but to be ENGAGED. This is not a reference book or a book of answers. It is a book to scribble in, to draw in, to jot down questions in, to think with, etc…With all of those caveats, we invite people who might find this resource useful to purchase it through AK Press. We hope that it’s useful for your ongoing work. 

Any profits that derive from the sale of this workbook (after recouping production costs) will be reinvested in the training and curriculum development work of Project NIA and Just Practice Collaborative.