Mission: Just Practice Collaborative exists to build our communities capacity to effectively and empathically respond to intimate partner violence and sexual assault without relying primarily on police or other state-based systems.  We provide training, resources, and structures of support for facilitators of restorative and transformative processes.   


Just Practice Collaborative works to create a world where survivors and their communities can feel believed, feel held and like healing is possible.

 About Us 

The Just Practice Collaborative is a training and mentoring group focused on sustaining a community of practitioners that provide community-based accountability and support structures for all parties involved with incidents and patterns of sexual, domestic, relationship, and intimate community violence. This group and practice is a resource and a model for those who want to address violence without reliance on criminal legal and traditional social services. 

We Are 

Rachel Caidor 

Shira Hassan 

Ana Mercado 

Deana Lewis

Mariame Kaba    

Keisa Reynolds