We don’t want to be stars. We want to be part of a constellation
— Gloria Anzaldua

We are attracted to doing movement building work because we have a deep love for our community. We need to support ourselves and do the work efficiently so we seek out jobs in non-profits that reflect our political values and dreams of building a new world together.

Once we are working, we find ourselves going and going without always being able to realize our personal mission- the reason we started the work in the first place. Sometimes this is a result of organizational chaos, and sometimes this is simply because there is too much work to be done and not enough hands to hold it all.

Shira provides support to organizational leaders- both emerging and established who want space to reflect, get support for navigating challenging organizational issues, or get clinical consultation on specific issues with clients, participants or members.

Currently she offers two options for this exploration:

One on One Support Meetings: Meet with Shira for either short term or ongoing support in your professional job or your movement building work. This can be in person, via phone or video chat.

Community Meetings: Come together with a group of your peers to support each other, build community and gain resources, tools and strategies for growing your role in our movement and/or in your professional setting. These groups exist in person only right now.

Please see the Events & Meetings page for more information about how to join a meeting.

I am grateful to Shira for always making time with me as an individual and sharing critical movement-building skills. It is obvious that she understands solidarity and authentic relationship building. I’ve been honored to experience first-hand the depths of her knowledge and the impacts of her wisdom. When I first met her, we sat and talked about action research for hours. I was able to understand my personal mission as an organizer with clarity I haven’t felt in years. Shira is so much more than a consultant. She is a source of hope, beauty, and balance for our organizing.
— Katie Burgess, Trans Youth Support Network (TYSN)
Shira is one of the most brilliant hearts operating in our movement today. Her courageous application of a thorough politic and deep listening ensure that her clients are deeply heard and supported.
— Adrienne Maree Brown