For the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change.
— Audre Lorde

Shira works alongside organizational leadership to develop organic process that is responsive and specific. Specializing in emerging organizations, transition planning and organizational crisis- Shira is available for retreats, ongoing consultation with leaders as well as project specific work.

Shira has facilitated processes that:

  • Develop leadership ladders
  • Create policies, procedures and staff handbooks
  • Develop program, staffing structure and program handbooks
  • Develop youth led fundraising efforts
  • Create strategic Visioning for Emerging Groups- includes mission & vision development
  • Multi-Day Staff & Board Retreats
  • Multi-Day Leadership Retreats
  • Winding Down: How to decide to end our organizations and what do after the decision is made 
  • Participatory Evaluation/Action Research Project Development for community groups and non-profits
  •  Create alternatives to Calling the Police: For non-profits and community groups
  • Community Accountability Sessions: For non-profits and community groups struggling with a particular incident, pattern or ethical matter

Shira is available for Organizational Crisis:

  • Violence-- internal struggles and external threats (including policing and gentrification)
  • Boundaries
  • Staffing Challenges
  • Leadership Support
  • Administrative and Structural emergencies
  • Communication struggles

Event Planning:

You can also hire Shira to do event planning for your next meeting, retreat or gathering. As a logistics coordinator and has worked to coordinate national summits, retreats and conferences for groups that range in size from 12 participants to 75 attendees. She has coordinated hotel, airfare, volunteers, food and registration and is available to help you plan your next gathering.

Shira was extremely thorough and detail oriented every phase of the process. She applied deep listening and intentionality into the planning, taking the time to understand the complexities of our work. She crafted a nuanced and adaptable agenda and was able to actually magically cover it in the short time we had, despite unexpected real life factors and participant perspectives. And on top of all that she brought deluxe snacks and hilarious situational comedy!
— Ill Weaver, Emergence Media/Detroit Summer/Detroit Future Youth/Complex Movements
Shira Hassan is a dedicated and inspired facilitator and process/project manager. She engages any audience in thoughtful and reflective practices that allow for real life complexities and concrete bottom lines and timelines.
— Collette Carter, outgoing director Audre Lorde Project