Stacy Rene Erenberg

 Stacy Rene Erenberg is a community organizer, activist healer and socially conscious musician. For the past 12 years Stacy has worked with youth and other change makers fighting for equal education, ending gender violence, immigration reform and racial justice. Through her diverse experience working with all walks of life, she has gained skills as a facilitator, participatory action researcher, youth worker, popular education facilitator, advocate and cultural worker. Stacy was born and raised on the North east side of Chicago. She dedicates her life to justice through organizing, healing arts and music. Currently, she is the co-founder and practitioner at Sage Community Health Collective. Through her work at Sage, Stacy is committed to providing affordable, harm reductionist and preventative healthcare and access to healing practices for all. Stacy’s healing practice is a mixture of Tui Na, which is Chinese Massage that includes stretching, pulling, and acupressure, Shiatsu Meridian Therapy and Reiki. Stacy is a Reiki Level II practitioner and a certified Asian Body Therapist. Stacy believes that the way people move and the chronic pain they suffer from often is a result of a collection of traumas that the body has experienced over a lifetime. Therefore, her approach to healing the body and the entire being is to incorporate energy work into her practice to address the emotional and energetic healing of her patients. Each bodywork treatment Stacy gives is unique to that particular person and their own story and needs. Because of her deep conviction that the “personal is political “and that our individual healing process is deeply connected to the collective struggle; she specializes in providing healing services to community activists, organizers, social workers and teachers who are on the front lines of fighting for a more just world. At Sage aside from being a practitioner, she is the Outreach Coordinator and Internal Development Coordinator. She facilitates regional and national healing justice movement building for Sage and works with the other Sage members to address and heal their own internalized oppressions. In her free time Stacy likes to sing and write songs, practice the guitar, do crossword puzzles, and read historical novels and memoirs. She also enjoys hanging with friends and family, decompressing with her partner by watching bad T.V, laughing out loud and dancing it out on a regular basis.