Tanuja Jagernauth

 Tanuja Jagernauth is a healer activist, cultural worker, and educator. A 2007 Albert Schweitzer Fellow and Fellow for Life, Tanuja believes that offering sliding scale services within a framework of harm reduction, body/fat positivity, and trauma informed practice facilitates health and healing in a way that is liberating for the practitioner as well as the patient.A graduate and faculty member of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, she uses the tools of acupuncture, herbs, nutrition strategies, bodywork, body-centered writing, and National Acupuncture Detoxification Association treatments to facilitate healing and transformation in individuals and the community.With years of activist experience in movements against violence against women, against globalization, and for healing justice, she believes that every individual and group treatment is a deeply political act of surviving and working to thrive in a world that is so beautiful and also deeply violent. As an immigrant, woman of color, and former crisis counselor, she is committed to witnessing and supporting the process of healing from wounds that may have been inflicted at any stage in a person’s life. In addition to treating a variety of physical, emotional and mental patterns of imbalance, Tanuja feels comfortable with the sometimes-long process of understanding and healing from various kinds of trauma and internalized oppression. She does her best to honor and work with people of all body types, expressions, and sizes, meeting them where they are at, no matter what their individual health and healing goals are. Tanuja is an experienced workshop facilitator and Registered Trainer for the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. Please contact Sage at sagecommunityhealth@gmail.com to schedule an ear seed training, NADA Protocol training, group ear acupuncture session, body-centered writing workshop, or treatment with Tanuja.